Saturday, April 11, 2009

happy easter

i love martha. i was home sick, while dave went to his grandma's for passover dinner, but at least i learned an awesome easter egg trick from the lovely martha stewart show.

i had been searching for "green" ways to dye eggs this year and only found ideas such as using beets or different colored fruits and veggies to soak them. i wanted something a little different and this was perfect. and just to keep you informed, you can skip important steps and they will still turn out. i thought i would just remember the recipe and, of course, i didn't. i forgot to add the vinegar so splashed some in at the end, and only boiled them for about 10 min. oh and i also put them in a metal pot. yeah, i'm awesome. i'm sure if you followed the directions, they would turn out even cooler. click on the title below for the directions.

silk-dyed easter eggs

i only could get up the nerve to cut up one silk scarf from my collection, even though i never, ever wear them, i like having them around. you can use any silk material you have laying around. i wish i still had this hideous silk shirt with a scene on it involving elephants or something weird like that. i wore it to my first day of high school. (what exactly was i thiking?)
anyway, cut squares to go around the egg and tie with a twist tie or rubber band.

then cover with a white cotton to keep the dye from leaking too much.

place in a glass or cermic bowl (a metal one worked, but i'd follow the instructions to be safe) and fill with water and some vinegar (which i forgot) and boil for 40 min. (i boiled for like 10 min and it worked).
as you can see it's pretty hard to mess up!
i used my paper shreader to make some "easter grass." just shread up some colored paper and you have a nice little easter display. and if you love this bowl (as you can see, i DO!) it's for sale in the brandeye etsy shop/

i hope everyone had a lovely easter and didn't spend the day cleaning up dog pee from a very bad dog (and no, it wasn't moz, he actually was the only good one out of the three!)

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@pril G said...

You're creativity is endless! I love how these turned out.