Tuesday, August 26, 2008

daily rainbow

we have a rainbow that creeps through the house every sunny day. we lucked out and a previous owner of our house was a carpenter and installed all sorts of awesome things to make the house unique. there are two beveled glass windows, one on the porch and one in between the living and dining rooms. sunlight passes through the glass window on the porch, which acts like a prism, and casts a rainbow that creeps across the floor and onto the wall.

now here is where i'll really nerd it up. do you know why prisms create rainbows? well white light is made up of all colors of light. as the light passes through the glass it slows down (refracts) and slightly changes direction. each color, or component of the white light, passes through at a different speed and so when it exits the glass, it is separated into it's components, or colors. i suddenly feel the urge to listen to some pink floyd, dark side of the moon.


ocean city, maryland, what fun. we go just about every year for a weekend. it has an excellent boardwalk and lots of great food. our vacations always revolve around food.

a couple weekends ago we went with some friends and had a great time as usual. here are the highlights.

thrasher fries and pit beef

seagulls. although they are annoying, they are beautiful

sunset at seacret's

great idea for a bar. (at seacret's)


awesome boats

Monday, August 18, 2008

i love pasta

last week d.a. made this awesome pasta dinner. homemade pasta and sauce with locally raised beef and sausage. it was delicious! yes, i am one lucky girl...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

work space redo and diy cork board

so we have been working on redoing a spare room into a work space for me and it's looking good if i do say so myself. i made a cork board out of some cork tiles that i got at michael's. here's how i did it

1. our walls happen to be plywood, so i could just nail them directly to the wall. first i measured to make figure out where to cut the tiles to fit between two pieces of trim on the wall.

2. then i cut the tile with scissors. an exacto knife and ruler would have worked better, but i don't have one.

3. line the tiles up on the wall and nail

here they are on the wall, looking bare and sad. i need to fill it with inspiration.

here are some pictures of the not quite finished room.

i want to make a slipcover for the sofa and need some new pillows. and i should get a rug because the floors scratch and dent really easily, but i like how it looks without one.

the filing cabinet doesn't really match anymore and i never really like how it turned out in the first place (i covered it with modge podge and paper), but it works for now. i can't believe how bright and big this room looks now. i'm really excited to have my very own work space! what do you think?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

cutest painting ever

i found this sunday at the newberrytown peddler's market. it's a flea market by my parents, the same place i saw the goat the last time i was there. it is so adorable and also orange, my favorite color. i am enjoying it in a prominent place in the house while dave is away, because i'm sure he'll hate it. i'll most likely move it to my office.