Friday, February 15, 2013

a quilt for us

i have been saving our shirts and pants that were destined for the trash. what else are you going to do with worn out and stained clothing, but make a quilt out of them? 

i had to add a couple of other fabrics to make it large enough. it's getting harder and harder to find fabric stores. all of my favorite shops are closing :-( spool and top of the hill are now closed, so i had to travel to south jerz. luckily the little quilt shop in haddonfield is still around!

this quilt is for our bed and i'm hoping to finish it soon. but it's a queen size so unfortunately it will probably take months.


we have had quite a lot of small snow showers this winter, but so far none of them have left anything substantial. here are some pics from a day that it snowed a couple of weeks ago. 

 our neighbors have a very cool house, and it looks even cooler in the snow.
 moz barking about something.

 you see the table set above? well soon there will be something awesome in that spot.
and last but not least, our weird shed. perhaps the weirdest shed ever.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

hello again

yes, i've been mia. although some of it was due to laziness, most of it was due to the fact that apple can suck it. i know, everybody LOVES apple and all of their 'hip' products, but in my opinion they suck. maybe i'll go into all of the gory details of why they suck in the future, i just don't have the energy for it now. i will summarize the worst of it with this: if you send your computer to apple to fix (and pay extra for applecare) they believe that your computer is their property and will remove and replace your hard drive and not return your hard drive to you, it's rightful owner. i call bullshit. in fact i should shout it from the mountain tops.

nevertheless, our shitty apple computer is back and now i can blog again.

so back in dec we took a little one night trip to AC and stayed at harrahs. we got a killer week night deal (i think it was $40) and they upgraded us to a suite. it was awesome. although the room would have been greatly improve with a little interior design effort, it was super huge. i think it was bigger than our first house.

the best part was they have a killer pool area, which is perfect when it's below freezing outside and you want to lay by the pool and hot tub and act like it's summer.