Thursday, July 30, 2009


i've been mia lately, because we spent 12 days in amsterdam and prague. it was so much fun!! i took lots and lots of pics, but our computer has been temporarily broken and it is just now working. pictures will be forthcoming, as soon as the weekend ends. i am currently swimming in wedding bouquets and boutonnieres, which i will have pictures of too!
anyone have any fun plans this weekend? i can't wait till i have a free weekend to just make and sew some things!

Monday, July 13, 2009

flea market finds for me: bakelite and glass

sunday my family and i went to the williams grove flea market, which i told you about before here.
i love the old roller coaster. i was too much of a wuss to ride it when i was a kid.

my favorite dealer is a husband and wife that sell the BEST vintage jewelry. look at all this Bakelite! and this is only the bracelets.

i bought this Bakelite bracelet...

and this pedestal bowl, which i am in love with. i had a milk glass one that i sold and always wanted another one, so this one is for me!

Monday, July 6, 2009

the beginning of our vegetable garden

i came home to a pleasant surprise.

dave made the raised beds for a veggie garden! now we just have to fill them up and cross your fingers that i don't kill everything.

we're going to start out with some beets, swiss chard, beans, onions, carrots, arugula and lettuce.

a delicious fourth of july weekend

we had a delicious weekend full of lots and lots of food. i didn't take pictures of most of it, but this is what we had yesterday.
ribs and chicken, with a side of cilantro pesto pasta. a completely unbalanced, but yummy meal.