Tuesday, September 30, 2014

chair problem

chairs. i'm not sure how i developed a love of chairs, but i have it. i think i may have filled up almost all of the possible places in our house for chairs, but there has got to be room for more. here are a few of my favorites.

the hanging chair was one of those things that you know you need, and that someday you will find it. and find it i did; last winter at artefact, up in bucks county pa. artefact has a great selection of amazing antiques. they had a great set of 2 mid century cane back chairs one time and we didn't buy them, and i still kick myself for not. they also this one huge amazing wooden art piece that would knock your socks off. i think it is a war scene with george washington or some other war hero. i know that sounds weird, but believe me, if i had a wall that was huge enough for i would have asked for lay-a-way. as a side note, there is a great farm to buy local beef not far away, none such farm.
i picked up these two at homegoods. i wanted the acupulco chairs, but they are out of budget so i settled on these. as another side note, they are not comfortable but who cares, they look cool.
 this was one of the first purchases when we moved into the new house. it's the crate and barrel cavett chair, which was definitely a splurge.
 this bench i've told you about before, but the light is relatively new. it's from jinxed in philly, which is the shit. you should follow them on instagram, but if you want something be quick about it or it'll be gone.
 and this chair i have had for a few years. i had to buy it because it reminded me of a chair my grandpa had. he would sit in it every day and read the newspaper and watch tv. it's the grandpa chair.

and this chair is another chair that i had dreamed of owning one day. i am pretty sure it's not an original saarinen tulip chair, but who the hell cares. it was $100 instead of $1000. the owners we bought our house from had this same chair in this exact spot (although most likely an original and without the arms). i looked for a reasonably priced one for over a year until i found it, at the fantastic clover market of course.