Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my room

i'm never going to get around to completely cleaning it up, so here's a messy peak into my room, or workspace, craft room, whatever you want to call it. i can't seem to decide what to call it.

i made this arrangement a couple weeks ago for a party and it made my room smell so nice :-)

and here's the quilt i just made that's for sale in the shop, waiting for you to buy it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

and yet another quilt

i started a new quilt in florals. it is being made with vintage and new fabrics. the center piece is a cut up vintage table cloth. i am trying to make this one with blocks, all slightly different.

lazy sunday

we had a free sunday all to ourselves. dave made our favorite dinner, short rib ragout and we even made some cavetelli with the cavatelli maker we got for christmas. i can say we because i turned the handle a few times. it was heaven. heaven on earth.

Monday, January 18, 2010

new (vintage) items in the shop

luggage, small and large samsonite suitcases.

and two owls, one is a planter and one is a lamp.

and a vintage cocktail shaker.

Friday, January 15, 2010

new quilt finished

it's finished and in the shop right HERE. it was a bit large for me to photograph by myself and i was really struggling with it to get pics!
i actually like the back more than the front.

it uses one of my favorite fabrics that was found in my grandpa's house by my mom, the forest one.
and i did use the green veriegated thread, although you can hardly tell in the pictures.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


moz and i both love nuts. we were chillin the other night, enjoying some nuts together.

but today i came home to this.

a pasta box AND nuts all over the floor. bad dog.


a couple of weekends ago we went to nyc and i finally got a chance to go to droog. i've been to amsterdam thrice, but for no good reason never went to droog before. we just so happened to walk by it while wandering around and freezing our asses off. it was amazing. an amazing space filled with awesome furniture, or art, or whatever you want to call it. it was gorgeous and if i had lots o' money i would have bought a few things, starting with this. it was my favorite. it combined two of my favorite things, blown glass and a giant wooden table. the glass was blown then left to have it's way with the table. that sounded really dirty. haha.

and another amazing table.

and yet another table, this one with a bit more purpose. you could push books or objects into it. it reminded me of jenga.

and this awesome set of drawers. i had seen it on blogs before, but it was even more spectacular in person.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

another quilt in process

i'm not clever enough to name my quilts, but i really want to. tuesday i made the back fabric panel of my newest quilt and taped it to the floor.

followed by taping the batting and top patchwork.

and pinned the three layers together.

next step will be the quilting. but what color to use?

i'm stuck between cream, which will blend in, or the variegated green. i'm leaning toward the variegated green thread. with all the crosses, i think it needs a little irreverence to balance it out. and ever since i saw this post on the readymade blog, all i want to do is use variegated thread.

what color thread do you think i should use?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new years day

new years day was fun this year, as it is every year. if you don't know the insanity that is 2 street (end of the mummer's parade party), then you need to spend next year's january 1st in philadelphia. first we went to sang kee with friends and had a peking duck fest (wonton soup, peking duck with pancakes, shredded duck with string beans, honey walnut shrimp, chicken with eggplant and fried rice a.k.a. peking duck dinner for four.) it was beyond delicious.

then headed over to 2 street to party with all of the drunk mummers, and babies and kids apparently. why someone would take a kid to 2 street is beyond me, the regular parade, fine, but this is just debauchery. i was the designated driver so i had ONE beer, it was hard but i did it :-)
so mummers are basically local dudes who dress up in dresses and wigs and makeup and dance around the streets with little umbrellas. it's quite a scene. the string bands are the best part.

two new items in the shop

you'd think i would have added tons of good stuff to the brandeye etsy shop over the holidays, since i had off of my regular job for over a week, but i didn't. our days were filled with other fun things.

but i did just add these two awesome sets to the shop.

a vintage set of prints under convex glass. i was SOOO tempted to keep these for myself and i already know i'm going to regret selling them, because they are so unique.

and a gorgeous vintage set of glass double candle sticks. i have my own set similar to this and i LOVE them.