Tuesday, April 21, 2009

diy wedding flowers part 2

as mentioned the other day, i will be doing the wedding flowers for my brother-in-law and future-sister-in-law's (which sounds weird, from now on known as brian and morgan of www.brianlovesmorgan.com fame) wedding. it's not until august, but it's never too early to practice. especially since i haven't ever really done this before!

they have a bunch of antique, old bottles that they want to use for the flowers. and while checking out yard sales this weekend, i got a box of canning jars... for free. i love it when you ask how much and they say "oh, that stuff over there is free."

for this example i tried to pick up flowers that are available at the grocery store year round, in lots of colors. so this arrangement could done in yellow, or green, or white or any color you wish. alstroemeria (the white flower) is a wonderful flower that comes in pinks, yellows, oranges, pretty much any color you could want, and they last forever. i bought these almost a week ago and they still look great. the carnations are long-lasting as well and come in tons of colors.

you want to use odd numbers of objects to make an arrangement. here i used 5 jars with flowers and 3 votives. they were left over from my wedding, so also FREE.

total so far for one bouquet and table arrangement:
-ribbon $1
-flowers @12
-votives and tea lights (free and $1)


not too shabby.

1) get some small jars of various sizes. these were found at a yard sale (for free!). clean them if they are dirty.
2) starting with the largest container , fill it with one or both types of flowers. alstroemeria and carnations were used for this arrangement. to get them the right height, arrange the stems in your hand and then hold it up to the container. cut off the stems at the right spot (bottom of the jar).
3) place the flowers in the jars and fill with water, only covering the stem, and not the leaves. if there are leaves under the water line, tear them off.
3) fill each jar with flowers following the instructions in steps 2 and 3.
4) add 3 votives to the arrangement and light.

in day light

and at night (on my coffee table ;-)

oh and i have a better pic of the bouquet i made the other day.


MagicMarkingsArt said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful photos!

Anna O'Reilly said...

Those flowers are stunning.

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