Tuesday, June 14, 2016

flower csa

By now, I am sure that you have most likely heard of a CSA, which stands for community sponsored agriculture. Typically they are for farms and you can pay to get a variety of veggies over the season. But did you know they have them for flowers too? Yes, it's true. The one I signed up for is at Love 'n Fresh Flowers, which is a flower farm in Philadelphia.

I signed up for the bucket share, which you see below. You can also choose to get an arrangement already made, but by now you should know how much I love to arrange flowers.

The first arrangement I made was in this awesome pottery bowl. And, ahem, it's for sale in the brand*eye shop! As instructed by me before, you want to start with making a base for the flowers. I used the filler that was included to give a foundation for the flowers to sit in. Then I added the blue flowers and yellow flowers. I wish I knew the names of them for you, but unfortunately I do not.

And this vase set is also for sale in the brand*eye home shop!