Sunday, May 26, 2013


it's been so exciting to see what shows up in the garden and how it changes every day. these pictures are a couple of weeks old and the blooms have since died, but are replaced by other blooms. i'm having a hard time keeping this blog up to date with the changes!
 i LOVE these tulips that i planted in the fall. the colors are gorgeous.
 oh yeah, we got a hot tub, it rules.

 i also planted these daffodils. check out the double head blooms. i didn't realize they had double blooms until they bloomed.

jasper moon quilt

our friends had a baby girl a few weeks ago. they didn't know if it'd be a girl or boy beforehand, so i waited until she arrived to make her quilt. i wanted to use one of the quilt blocks that i made at the denyse schmidt class at quilt con, but the quilt block had some pink. i was pretty sure they would have a girl, but just in case i was wrong, i waited to be sure. 
 this was the block that inspired the quilt. i added other fabrics from my stash to make it larger.

the parents are both artists so i went a little wild with the color scheme for this quilt, thinking they would appreciate it. i think they do!

Monday, May 13, 2013

flea market find and craft room update

for some reason i have neglected decorating my craft room and it is a depressing sight. this corner of the room was very dark and was also the part of it that i used the most. it's hard to imagine how a room with 6, (yes six) light switches could have a patch of darkness, but it did. i was looking for a light just like this for the space and almost just folded and bought one online a few times for a small fortune. but sometimes you just so happen to find exactly what you are looking for at a flea market for $10. i still need to do something with the cord problem. 

the seagull painting was also bought at a flea (punk rock flea market) years ago. and the sign was from my dad. 
and i picked up the spool holder a couple of years ago at a thrift store for $1. it is missing a couple of pegs, but it works! i finally hung it.
i also started to cover my chair with some cool faux bois fabric. 

still need to:
make pin board
install new flooring
hang shelving

and just because he's adorable.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


i can't believe i have had this blog for FIVE years today. luckily i set a reminder on my phone for the big 5 year mark, or i definitely would have forgotten.

a lot has changed and happened over the years. i started quilting, opened my etsy shop, enjoyed living in our old house, went to lots of flea markets, sewed a lot of crap, travelled a lot, sold my wares at the wonderful clover market, made a ton of quilts, and moved into our dream  house. i decided to close the etsy shop, which was a really hard decision. i still will be making quilts, just not selling them.

first post here, appropriately, also about spring, which is the best season.

thanks so much to those of you who have been reading along the way! i am a terrible writer, so i try to post more pictures than words.
 thanks for sticking around.