Wednesday, August 7, 2013


we had the privilege to see fallingwater in person a couple months ago. it totally blew me away. i had this idea of how amazing it would be in person and it exceeded my expectations, which doesn't usually happen. frank lloyd wright was a genius.

the pathway that was built through the forest to get there was even cool.
i love how this picture that i took of my parents turned out. the outcroppings of rocks on the property were a real inspiration for the house.
they didn't allow photographs to be taken in the house, so i unfortunately only have pictures of the outside. here is the carport, above it was the servants quarters, which was not part of the tour. i really wonder what they looked like! 
 here you can see how the house was literally built on the rocks. this huge boulder shows up inside the house in the living room and kitchen and it is unbelievable.

 here is a peak from the driveway into the entrance. the pictures above are the rock on the other side of the driveway.

 and the iconic view.
 thanks for taking us mom and dad! i am SO glad i finally got to see this gem in person.