Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

we have one costume for moz and we torture him every year by trying to put it on him. it's always a struggle, but the pictures are worth it. haha.

we might make his wear the cape for a couple hours, it's too cute and he doesn't seem to mind it.

happy halloween!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

the clock is up

the 5th anniversary clock is finally hung. lucky you can also see one of the spots that we need to paint.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

anna sui for target

i am not that into fashion, i can't even make it all the way through a fashion magazine these days. when i was a kid i LOVED vogue, and stuck pictures and ads from it on my bedroom walls and books and binders. but my clothes shopping usually consists of, and in this order: target, banana republic (sale section), macy's, tj maxx, old navy. yeah, i'm a high fashion roller ;-)

so it made me really, really happy when i walked into target and saw this amazing dress, designed by anna sui. i have a couple of long sleeve tee's i got at gabes from her, that i adore. but i bought them in high school, so they don't fit quite the same way they once did. (one has a polaroid of the i love you sign language sign thingy and says JAMES IHA on the back, like the one from smashing pumpkins.) swoon.

anyway, this is all to show you how cute this dress is. never mind me, i was getting over the flu, only to catch a cold an hour after leaving for the wedding. the rest of the weekend i was in pj's and laying on the couch, dying. (that will also by my excuse for the unmade bed)

ps. it's really hard to take pictures of yourself
pss. you should check out this 13 year old's fashion blog. i wouldn't exactly wear any of her outfits, but she's just adorable. if only i was this cool at 13. hell, if i was this cool now.

stitchin' bitches and some mosaicin' bitches

so craft night is stitchin' bitches, except for when we go to my friend ericka's house and then we become mosaicin' bitches. she has a huge, huge project in her back yard and needs our help. and it is fun too.

this is only one portion of the wall that needs to be mosaiced. and then there will be lots of pavers too.

Monday, October 12, 2009


last wednesday we carved some pumpkins. since halloween is still a couple weeks away, i thought they would last longer inside. unfortunately, they are not, but they do look cool in the stairway.

new pillow in the house

my lovely friend amber got me this lovely pillow while she was in curacao. the pattern was made with a potato stamp! the one on the left i made from an old sheet. i still can't believe how awesome sheets once were. now they're plain and boring.

Monday, October 5, 2009

flea market fun

sunday was spent at shupp's grove in adamstown, pa with my good friends jenn and lorraine. the weather was absolutely perfect and we found lots of great stuff. everybody needs a monk in their life. especially one on a stand that holds a bottle of brandy.

and who can resist trying on a pair of 1980's glasses? these looked almost exactly like a pair my sister used to have.

lots of cool pumpkins...

and bottles...

and awesome green things...

here's what i bought...

lots of pumpkins and squash, a vintage hand towel, vintage hankies, milk glass cup, and dried corn. i also bought a sweet bracelet, but forgot to take a picture of it.