Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vintage Doily Pillow

I just listed a new pillow in the shop. It's made from a vintage doily and a mustard color linen, check it out here.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

flower box

our railing was slowly rotting, so dave ripped it out. it was one of his summer projects since he had off all summer (must be NICE). once he ripped it out we agreed that it looked better and he suggested a planter box instead. great idea, so he made it and i painted it and here it is.

i love it :-) it adds a nice punch of color to the house. i just need to balance it out by having one more thing that color on the porch. oh, what to paint....

st. john: the food

we ate lots of great food in st. john. although, i was surprised that there wasn't more local food. i guess when your island is that small, it's hard.

first up, fish taco's at the tourist trap. this place was adorable and had good food. we got fish tacos and a lobster roll.

oh and presidente beer.

surf and turf at spyglass, which had a great view of the sunset.

and some local cuisine at windy level. the chicken curry was delicious and the cabbage side was even better. i don't have pics of the food we ate at a food truck before this. it wasn't very good at all, and then i slid down their steep driveway on the way to the car and cut up my leg and hurt my finger. it sucked :-( my finger actually still hurts. but the kid watching got a kick out of it.

and some caribbean lobster at morgan's mango. i thought I was splurging on this, but then my parents picked up the check and i felt really guilty. :-)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

st. john: the animals

if you want to go to paradise, go to st. john, USVI. it is heaven on earth. we spent the first week of august with my family on vacation there. st. john is 2/3 state park (thanks to a rich rockefeller who donated it to the US). here are a couple pics of all of the wildlife.

donkeys: this guy came up to our car and i really wanted to pet him, but didn't want to loose a finger.

goats: this guy was up on a table at miss lucy's and was rambunctious and wanted us to feed him leaves.

birds: this one was following our boat on our way back from a charter to the BVI's (which were awesome by the way). my dad held up a ritz cracker, which he dove to get. he was back about 5 minutes later for another one.

cats: a stray cat at our villa that my niece wanted to keep.

iguanas: there are also lizards around, but they move too fast to take a picture.

hermit crab: i guess that's what this is!

fish: we saw some cool ones while snorkeling (like cuttlefish!). this little guy was swimming around my legs while at the soggy dollar bar. he had one little black fin on top and an orange one on the bottom. he was cute!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

flea marketing

i finally made it to a flea market just before we left for vacation (a post on that soon). they had this awesome sign from ambler, which is a town by me where a few of my friends live.

and lots of pyrex.

and i even got to pet a pet goat!

have you found anything good lately?

custom quilt #1

i am working on my first custom quilt and here's a sneak peak at the process. first is choosing the color scheme and fabrics.

next is the design, i gave two options.

and now i'm working on the blocks.

i'll keep you updated on the progress!