Wednesday, February 23, 2011

AC baby

so we headed to AC last thursday night to celebrate my bday and it WAS awesome. here are some highlights that were captured on film:

driving into town.

after first being booked a room that looked quite disheveled, sort of like someone had a quickie after the room was clean, they upgraded us to an ocean view. pre-dinner drinks.

late night boardwalk.

the obligatory 3am trip to tony's baltimore grill. this place is awesome, but only when it's late and you're drunk.

hotel views.


and then i became a BIG WINNER! you gotta love the 6 card bonus on the 3 card poker game, which turns a non-winning hand into a winner. i'm now officially a table game player and not just a push-the-button slot player. thank you bally's.

and the chelsea, for another great night.

happy vday

we spent valentines day at home, eating a delicious steak dinner made by dave. i made chocolate chip bread pudding for dessert, but forgot to take photos of it.

i bought us tickets to the philadelphia orchestra and reservations at barbuzzo. i finally got to wear my blue tights that i bought about 3 years ago.

the kimmel center is such a rad building.

and barbuzzo was even better than we imagined.

if you don't count pizza actually in italy, it was the best pizza i've ever had. and the budino was killer. just make sure you mix it up a little and don't have your first bite include only the caramel, because it'll taste a bit like a salt lick.

all in all an epic weekend.

Monday, February 21, 2011

stargazer quilt

the stargazer quilt... inspired by snow covered fields in lancaster county. you can order your own in your favorite color combo. the front contains one 'chasing tails' square, surrounded by a solid color. the quilting lines start around the star and are reminiscent of lines of a field.

machine quilted with a hand sewn binding.

available in my etsy shop in 3 sizes.

wall hanging or baby quilt
throw quilt
twin size/coverlet

Friday, February 4, 2011

rock and roll quilt

i could have cried when i cut up 22 vintage rock concert t-shirts.

this past summer my neighbor gave me her collection of AMAZING rock concert t-shirts to make into a quilt. she was a busy girl in the early 80's, going to every awesome show that came to philly. i called her before i started cutting last night and she gave me the OK, with slight hesitation. apparently these shirts are worth a small fortune, but they are her memories, and she wants to be able to enjoy them instead of having them stuffed in a drawer.

this one is dave's favorite.

and i had to cut them in order that i liked them. yes, i'm sure this is weird, but i started with the ones i liked least and the last one i cut was this one. i mean, how cool is this?!?!? she actually called me again just before i cut this one and i answered the phone with "you didn't change your mind did you, because i'm on the last one!".

she is also the coolest and let me wear them until i made the quilt. i figured i better start it before it gets warm, so i'm not tempted to wait another few months to make it :-)