Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the morrison house

we are just about completely settled in our new house and are absolutely loving every second of living in it. 
the morrison house, was built in 1963 by an architect, robert morrison. it was his and his wife's residence for almost 50 years. we feel truly honored to live in this house. 
above is the view from the carport entrance.
below is the exterior stairway entrance.

not only is the house incredible, the gardens are also. it's surrounded by trees, and shrubs and rocks.  not just any rocks, really cool quartz rocks and shiny rocks and every kind of rock you can imagine. 

 my favorite place to sit is below. you may remember the bench from the porch on our old house. the view from this favorite spot is of the exterior stairs, and the picture above is the view to your left. 
a side garden and walkway to the back yard.

 and another path leading around the house.
 as you can see, moz loves it and follows us everywhere. 

 and yet another path leading around the other side of the house. 

 arriving at the brick patio and deck.
 and here's a sneak peak at the inside. this is the basement area at night. moz is right at home, and so are we.