Tuesday, March 31, 2009

shopping with my sis

last sat i spent the day trying to help my sister decorate her new house. we didn't get as much done as planned, as usual, but we did hit up some wonderful shops! one was this warehouse type fabric store (PA fabric outlet). they buy all of the inventory from stores going out of business so they have a little (or a LOT of everything).
zippers anyone?

rows and rows of fabric (and my sister)...

and spools of everything and anything you can imagine.

we then went next store to an antique shop (antique marketplace of lemoyne) and i couldn't pass up an amazing deal on a 8 place-setting set of silver-plated silver wear. i haven't decided whether or not it will be mine or in my shop. they had lots and lots of other awesome stuff too.
these tables were sweet.

and so was this little collection.

sorry the quality of the pictures is pretty terrible. i only had my iphone with me.

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