Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i heart pottery

i love lots of things, basically anything for a home, but i especially love pottery. we stopped at a pottery store while in new orleans and they had AMAZING stuff, it was hard to choose what to buy. usually i look and look and never buy anything, but it was my actual birthday so i didn't feel one ounce of guilt. i treated myself to this.

the shop was shadyside pottery of new orleans and the potter, charles bohn, was hard at work on the potter's wheel in the back of the store. it made me remember back to high school art class, working on the potter's wheel, screwing things up most of the time, but still having lots of fun. i can still remember how it felt in my hands, and now i wish i had a potters wheel! actually i should just go rent one for the day or something, that would be more reasonable.

the technique he uses is raku, you can read about it here.

i think the turquoise and copper color of the one i bought is the coolest. it's beautiful, but a little gritty, just like new orleans. here it is filled with flowers from my aunt and uncle (thanks wanda and andy!)and some left over from my party (thanks dave!). they're slowly dying so i keep making new arrangements with them.

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