Thursday, November 19, 2015

your fall table-milk glass

Previously I posted some inspiration for decorating your Thanksgiving table - aka tablescape - using brass and leaves. Today I am providing you with some inspiration using milk glass.

I have paired some milk glass pieces from my collection, and from the brand*eye home shop to create a unique scene. This is definitely not the typical orange and eath tone thanksgiving table. It is inspired by the purple vintage glasses, which happened to pair perfectly with the cut coleus from my garden. I used the vintage milk glass vases and filled them with coleus. This arrangement would work with any cut flower or mixture of flowers. You can find a post on cutting your coleus here-extending the lives of coleus.


The milk glass candle holders are from my collection, but if you're interested, just contact me at brandeyehome ( at ) gmail (dot) com.

I didn't use any base for this arrangement, but this would look even better with the scattering of leaves down the center like the brass example.


Unknown said...

Love this idea!

brandeye said...

Thanks Marion! I think I will use a variation on this for Thanksgiving this year.