Monday, August 10, 2015

Mirror Art Wall

I am a fan of using random art work and items to fill a wall space. If you went to the Barnes they would call it an "ensemble." We are trying to finish the dining room on the smallest budget possible so we used what we had lying around. Admittedly I have more just "lying around" than most, but it's due to lots of hard work and picking through flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores.  ;-)

The mirror on the far left I moved from the bedroom. This was a super cheap score from a thrift store. It would seriously look good in any room and I had a hard time moving it from the bedroom, but the bedroom needs a full length mirror on that wall anyway. Here is it reflecting the wallpaper on the opposite wall.

The smaller oval frame is filled with the wallpaper from the opposite wall. Dave is full of really great ideas. We wanted to have more of it framed on this wall, but I got impatient and found enough other stuff to fill it without having to search for more frames.

The silver platters are antique silver meat platters. They were a score from an auction that I went to ages ago. I cannot believe how long it has been since I have been to an auction. They are so much fun, and thrilling, I can't wait to go to another. I need to make it a priority!

This was a little arrangement I threw together with hosta leaves and coleus. My garden is full of both, so it's easy to grab some to throw in a vase and cheer up the inside of your house.

Still on the list to finish this room is new flooring, built-in-credenza and dining room chairs. What do you think about the credenza top? Two ideas are a wood slab top, similar to the table top, or a stone slab such as marble. I am leaning towards marble, but Dave prefers wood. What do you think?

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