Friday, February 4, 2011

rock and roll quilt

i could have cried when i cut up 22 vintage rock concert t-shirts.

this past summer my neighbor gave me her collection of AMAZING rock concert t-shirts to make into a quilt. she was a busy girl in the early 80's, going to every awesome show that came to philly. i called her before i started cutting last night and she gave me the OK, with slight hesitation. apparently these shirts are worth a small fortune, but they are her memories, and she wants to be able to enjoy them instead of having them stuffed in a drawer.

this one is dave's favorite.

and i had to cut them in order that i liked them. yes, i'm sure this is weird, but i started with the ones i liked least and the last one i cut was this one. i mean, how cool is this?!?!? she actually called me again just before i cut this one and i answered the phone with "you didn't change your mind did you, because i'm on the last one!".

she is also the coolest and let me wear them until i made the quilt. i figured i better start it before it gets warm, so i'm not tempted to wait another few months to make it :-)


stephanie said...

okay that is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to see the result.

Melissa said...

tough as it was, i am certain it will be well worth it!! can't wait to see.