Wednesday, February 23, 2011

happy vday

we spent valentines day at home, eating a delicious steak dinner made by dave. i made chocolate chip bread pudding for dessert, but forgot to take photos of it.

i bought us tickets to the philadelphia orchestra and reservations at barbuzzo. i finally got to wear my blue tights that i bought about 3 years ago.

the kimmel center is such a rad building.

and barbuzzo was even better than we imagined.

if you don't count pizza actually in italy, it was the best pizza i've ever had. and the budino was killer. just make sure you mix it up a little and don't have your first bite include only the caramel, because it'll taste a bit like a salt lick.

all in all an epic weekend.

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Brandi said...

Oh that meal looks so delicious! And chocolate chip bread pudding gets enthusiastic approval from me (have you ever tried nutella bread pudding?). Happy Belated Valentine's Day!