Saturday, February 20, 2010

floral galaxy

the new quilt, floral galaxy, is complete and washed and ready to enjoy. but this time i'll be enjoying it. i can't part with it, so happy birthday to me :-)

it was made with vintage sheets, (some were my grandpa's, as was the sheet used to make the pillow above. he had awesome sheets!) a vintage table cloth and khaki fabric. it is awesome if i do say so myself. i was going to add yo-yos to it, but they fell apart when i was trying to pin them on to sew. i must not have used strong enough thread, bummer. but i think it turned out well without them.

the front.


and back.


Brandi said...

Brandi, this is gorgeous and so perfect for springtime! Your quilts are amazing.

stephanie said...

SO pretty!

brandeye said...

Thank you both! I am really wishing for spring. At least we have snow on the ground, somehow I think that makes the winter more bearable.