Monday, February 22, 2010

terrain, antiques and wine

this weekend was spent doing nothing but fun stuff, which was great. saturday dave was recording so i had a whole day to spend doing exactly what i wanted to do, along with some girlfriends. we first went to terrain at styers, which was even more amazing then i imagined. imagine anthropology doing a garden center/cafe, because that is exactly what it is. it was even the dead of winter and the place was amazing.

and lunch was amazing too.

then we headed over to brandywine view antiques. one of my favorite blogs is freshvintage, and she and her sister opened a "shop" in this antique store to sell all of the freaking awesome stuff they find at yard sales and flea markets. she also happens to be hilarious. seriously, read her blog.

look at all the cute stuff they have! i bought one of the aprons and a table cloth. and i must have been temporarily blind, or just overwhelmed, because i was specifically look for planters and missed the ones right there on the shelves.

and then we went to chaddsford winery, which was fun. but let's just say PA is not known for great wine.

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colleen said...

Thanks so much for stopping by the store! I'm glad you liked it.

Unfortunately, Chaddsford Winery only includes their crappiest wines in the tasting. They actually have a few good reds, but they are much more expensive. I guess they don't want to waste it on riff-raff like you and me.