Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new years day

new years day was fun this year, as it is every year. if you don't know the insanity that is 2 street (end of the mummer's parade party), then you need to spend next year's january 1st in philadelphia. first we went to sang kee with friends and had a peking duck fest (wonton soup, peking duck with pancakes, shredded duck with string beans, honey walnut shrimp, chicken with eggplant and fried rice a.k.a. peking duck dinner for four.) it was beyond delicious.

then headed over to 2 street to party with all of the drunk mummers, and babies and kids apparently. why someone would take a kid to 2 street is beyond me, the regular parade, fine, but this is just debauchery. i was the designated driver so i had ONE beer, it was hard but i did it :-)
so mummers are basically local dudes who dress up in dresses and wigs and makeup and dance around the streets with little umbrellas. it's quite a scene. the string bands are the best part.

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