Thursday, January 7, 2010

another quilt in process

i'm not clever enough to name my quilts, but i really want to. tuesday i made the back fabric panel of my newest quilt and taped it to the floor.

followed by taping the batting and top patchwork.

and pinned the three layers together.

next step will be the quilting. but what color to use?

i'm stuck between cream, which will blend in, or the variegated green. i'm leaning toward the variegated green thread. with all the crosses, i think it needs a little irreverence to balance it out. and ever since i saw this post on the readymade blog, all i want to do is use variegated thread.

what color thread do you think i should use?


Broomcakes said...

Use the variegated green thread! I love it (must get some) will pop nicely, I think.

stephanie said...

go for the green!!