Thursday, August 27, 2009

diy garden markers

our computer finally kicked the bucket, so i had to order a new one. but now i'm back in business and have a lot to tell you.

first up, diy garden markers. i'll give you fair warning that i'm not 100% sold on these. i have to see how they hold up. i baked them way longer than the clay package stated and they are still not completely hard. but it was fun, so i'll tell you about it.

-polymer clay
-letter stamps

1) kneed the clay according to the manufacturer's directions.

2) shape it into a marker type shape. mine all look a little different, but i like the haphazard shapes.
3) stamp on the appropriate tag, i.e. beets, basil, spinach, etc...

4) bake according to the package directions. and like i said, the kind i got said to bake 15 min. i baked them for about 45 and they were still not very solid.

5) plant in garden

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