Tuesday, August 4, 2009

amsterdam and prague trip

we had such a great time in amsterdam and prague. we went with some friends and met even more friends in both cities. i took about a million pictures (actually around 700) so i'm going to have to edit big time. it just took me a couple hours just to put a bunch on flickr, so click HERE and take a peak.

in the meantime, a few to hold you over.

my favorite day of the whole trip was when we rented bikes and went to durgerdam. we would have gotten farther, but first we got lost and we had to be back in amsterdam semi-early.

can you tell i'm happy? i know, it's difficult.

this looked like a pirate boat, it was awesome!

and some sheep and ducks.

we want to retire here, but hopefully we can move there sooner than that!

and some highlights of prague and czech republic.

sausage!! the best we had was at a bar in sedlec.

train ride to sedlec.

the ceiling in our bedroom in our rented apartment. the whole place was amazing!

and the sky always seemed to be surreal.


@pril G said...

Happy for you and also very jealous! It is a dream of mine to be in Prague! Please tell me how you found the apartment & bike rental place?

brandeye said...

google searches! tripadvisor.com is good too, use the forums. you would love it!