Monday, May 4, 2009

excellent weekend

even though it rained all weekend, we had a great one. i went to zern's again with some friends and despite my favorite vendor not being there i got lots of great stuff for the shop and for myself. while i was away dave was putting together our new ikea sectional. we LOVE it and can now both lay down and be comfortable and can even cuddle. the room looks so bare now though, since the sofa is a natural color, so i'm working on adding some more color. once it's done i'll post some pics, should be later this week.

here is some of the stuff i bought at the flea. i also got a pyrex 4 bowl nesting set, which was in the sink, so i forgot to photograph it. and i also got lots of left over mens suit material to make something out of.

the little pictures are hanging on the turquoise wall in the living room and look awesome. i can't believe dave let me hang them there! i thought he'd hate them, and maybe he does.

and look at this awesome trim. i can't wait to use it for something.

sat night we went to see dinosaur jr. in baltimore and they were great. luckily i was to the side and not in direct contact with the sound waves. they are INSANELY loud.


Unknown said...

love the Paisley tray.

brandeye said...

The tray sold yesterday. I need to keep an eye out for more!