Friday, May 22, 2009


wednesday i took the day off of work and went to an auction with a friend. we had a great time and made out like bandits. i had no intention of bidding on a lot of old enamel bread boxes, but since one was the same color as my first car (an orange vw bug) something possessed me to wave my number around and before i knew it i was the owner of a LOT of old bread boxes. some of them i left there because what the hell am i going to do with 20 bread boxes? i think they will go in the garden as some sort of art/planter type thing because most of them are missing hardware.

so this auction was super huge and awesome. it was an antique place that was going out of business so there was a TON of stuff. the auction will be a total of 4 days. the lots are HUGE, so you can't really just buy a couple of things. for instance if you want a meat grinder, you have to buy 40 of them. we REALLY wanted to get these tiles, but they were $40 x 9 boxes and you had to get all boxes, so it would have been a lot of $$.

i got a huge lot of silver plate items (5 wine boxes full). and i split a couple of lots of glassware with my friend and her mom. it going to take me forever to get it all listed! but here's a start and is only approx 1/15 of what i have.

my friend got these two great chairs:

and this sewing cabinet. both for a steal!

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Diary of a Young Designer said...

The chairs are lovely!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!