Wednesday, February 18, 2009

new orleans trip-the food

dave and i took a nice, long weekend to celebrate my birthday down in new orleans. the location was hugely based on the great food you can get, and the fact that it is much warmer than here! my birthday trips are usually somehow ruined by snow and/or ice. not this time! we even dodged any flight delays.
no trip is complete without at least two visits to cafe du monde. they only really have two things, coffee and beignets, but they are both fantastic.

we had breakfast at mother's one morning, we got there before they even opened, so we were second in line, so there wasn't much of a wait. the breakfast was GIGANTIC. i felt bad because i only ate about 1/3 of it, if that.

we also ate amazing catfish po boys at Fred Rick's on st. james, had a great lunch at ignatius on magazine, which was a long wait and we had to eat outside on a chilly day, but the food was well worth the wait. for my birthday we went to restaurant august and had the 5 course tasting menu, which turned out to be 7 courses because they screwed one up and had to fix it, plus gave us (and everyone in the restaurant) a seafood-custard-with-foam-in-an-egg-shell thing. it was strange, but good. overall the dinner was really great, but really heavy, and i even subbed the sweetbreads with a salad.

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