Sunday, November 30, 2008

thanksgiving flowers

i think flowers deserve their own post. i love having fresh flowers in the house, and there is no better reason to buy some then for the holidays. i bought two bouquets from the grocery store and used gourds and apples.

i used a vintage teacup that i have to make this little one, which was my favorite.

first you arrange the flowers in your hand into a little rounded bouquet. i used alstroemeria, carnations and mums.

then wrap a rubber band around the base.

cut off bottom and place in tea cup.

during the day...

and then on the small table during dinner...

i used the alstroemeria leaves to maket this one. unfortunately i forgot to put water in it so it died by morning! but the fruit and pumpkin was still intact. i used a vintage milk glass bowl. i think it probably cost about a buck or two from a flea market.

and you may remember this one from october.

and i made these two little ones for the bathrooms.

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Alyssa said...

I love the green vase on the last picture in the bathroom. Very cool.