Tuesday, November 25, 2008

vintage fabric pillows

i have a couple throw pillows i made in my etsy shop. this one was made with vintage fabric (actually sheets) that my mom found in my grandpa's closet. this fabric is to die for. she knew how much i'd love it and i do!

this one, which i will call the jennifer, because i made two for her that she loves, was also made with vintage sheets. why don't they make sheets this beautiful anymore??

and that lovely sewing machine that i bought has a feature where you can sew letters, so i've been adding brandeye to them. cute, right? i think so at least.

they each come with EcoInserts, which were made with stuffing from recycled plastic bottles.
clicking on the pictures will take you to the brandeye etsy listing!


Anonymous said...

Your sewing machine writes those letters?

No fair!!!

(love your blog!)

Alyssa said...

I love your stitched brandeye. Very cute!

brandeye said...

thanks ladies. i have to admit the lettering was the feature that made me buy this machine, it's awesome!
i talk about it in this post