Tuesday, July 15, 2008

wallpaper love

most people think of ugly florals and old fashioned grandma patterns when they hear wallpaper, but things have changed. awesome wallpaper is everywhere. check out these beauties from graham and brown

i have been trying to pick a wallpaper for our stairwell, but am having a hard time deciding. i had my mind set on the cole and sons woods wallpaper, but i kept seeing it on every blog and once i saw it in the pottery barn catalog (not that i have anything against pottery barn) i knew i had to pick a new one that is a little more unique. although i do still love it...

image from rose and radish
it comes other colors, you can find them on the cole and sons website. it's in flash, so i don't know how to link the images.

it's best to use these wallpapers on one wall so you don't overwhelm the room. or in a small room such as a bathroom. check this one out from walnut wallpaper

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