Thursday, July 31, 2008

recent flea market/yard sale finds

in my opinion there is nothing better than finding an excellent yard sale or flea market. you can find the coolest things and they are usually incredibly cheap. not to mention you will have things that nobody else (or at least no one else that you know) has. and you can feel good knowing that you're helping to lessen the amount of stuff in the world. buying something new, no matter what it is, contributes to the drain of energy and collection of green house gases in this wonderful place we call the earth. recycling, repurposing, reusing things is the best (and most fun) way to lessen your impact on this planet.

the bird mirrors were 50 cents for both. i plan on painting them a bright color. the metal tray was $5.

the lamp was from a yard sale. it is a solid piece of wood and was one dollar! i just need to find a lamp harp for it and recover a shade i have.

this set of patio snack plates was made by the federal glass company. how cool are they? i got these at a small farmer's market by my parents house, where i also scored the bird mirrors for 50 cents. not only did i find cool stuff, i also ate a delicious pulled pork bbq sandwich AND met this adorable girl:

i have a thing for goats. i LOVE them. it started on our honeymoon where we stayed at a villa on the beach on st. john u.s.v.i. our neighbor happened to be the miss lucy of miss lucy's, a great casual restaurant on the beach. she had a ton of goats roaming around, they would run up and down the fence around our property and try their hardest to get in when we opened the gate. apparently they liked to eat all of the plants that the owner had landscaped the property with. but they were so cute, i took a ton of pictures of them. unfotunately that was when i still used film, so i don't have the pictures on my computer, so i can't torture you with more goat pictures.

here is some fabric i picked up at shupps grove flea market. i look at it as fabric, but actually it is a pillow case, napkin and table cloth.

and not related to flea markets or yard sales, is this picture i took of the land around my parents. i never realized how beautiful it is around there until i moved away.

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