Monday, May 16, 2016

A Master Bedroom Makeover

For the past year I have been testing the waters of interior design by using my friends as guinea pigs. I've helped choose paint colors, given advice on space planning and what to buy, as well as taken lots of flea market trips with friends.

I worked with my sister Angela to design and re-decorate her master bedroom and I finally have a fully furnished room to show you! We have been exchanging pins on pinterest, using etsy favorites, texting photos and using all available resources that we could find. And all of the ideas we had and decisions we made turned into one seriously amazing bedroom.

She already had the headboard, dresser, lamps, chandelier, and side table. The chair we stole from her formal living room.

We used Sherwin Williams Black Fox on the main focal point wall behind the bed. It's a perfect dark grey color, with some warm undertones to keep it from being too cold. The other three walls are Sherwin Williams Anonymous. This is a great neutral color which works with so many different colors. You can also see a peak into the master bath that we are working on, where we used Sherwin Williams sensuous grey.

During the planning process we thought about wall papering the main wall where the bed is placed.  But to stay in budget we decided against it and just painted the wall instead. The zebra patterned chair we moved was actually inspired by the wallpaper we were going to use.

It's actually crazy seeing this picture now, because it was the first time I started planning this room and it actually turned out to be so similar! I took this picture in Sherwin Williams in Flourtown. I ended up there, because I had a flat tire. And I had a flat tire, because I dropped my phone (which was acting as my gps). I was making a turn and nailed a curb. Lucky for me the store was right across from the tire place, so I spent the time looking at Wallpaper books and paint. York Wallcoverings is my favorite, because it's from my hometown, York, PA.

Above is an art piece that I picked up that morning at a Ft. Washington yard sale for $5. And below is my sister's dog Louie. I think she approves.


Just to give you an idea of what we spent, that mirror was $8 at an estate sale. Yes, you read that correctly... eight dollars!

It helped that she already had some key pieces,  but the total cost (including a fire place!) was only $500! It doesn't look like this bedroom had a budget, but it did. There are some additional updates that will be made when the time and budget permits. For example, we found the perfect light fixture for the room, but it cost as much as the whole damn room, so that will have to wait. 

And here's the before. 

What a difference! Stay tuned for a break down of all the costs. 

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