Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a wooden bench

so it started out that we needed a piece of furniture for a little nook off of the kitchen. we decided on a bench and i had been trying to find one for months. luckily in early october i saw a sign on the side of the road about the highland craft show and decided to check it out. that is where met john from JC Sterling and he had a table and bench set that was just what i wanted. he made one just for our nook and delivered it this weekend. look at this thing! it's so beautiful i don't even want to sit on it. 

and it turns out the original nook we had planned it for just didn't work. it seemed too hidden away. dave had the bright idea to switch places with the credenza in the living room and it works out perfectly. 

 i never thought a bench could be sexy, but just look at it.

now we are on a mission to find some cool lights to hang over it and i need to paint the radiator cover behind it the same as the wall color. 

below is the credenza in the space at thanksgiving. 
and here it is in it's new spot off the kitchen.
and here is the view from where you would be sitting on the bench if you actually sat on it. i prefer to look at it. 

and just because. here is a pic from fall, with the sun setting behind the japanese maple, which turned orange. it was gorgeous. 

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