Wednesday, October 17, 2012

another trip to the berkshires

this past august we took a short trip to the berkshires. you may remember last time where we visited the hancock shaker village, which was amazing.

we stayed at the old inn on the green again and it was just as wonderful as we remembered. i wish i had pictures of the food, but sometimes you just don't want to be the idiot taking out their camera at dinner. just know that it is incredible.

this time we took this dummy with us. i think he enjoyed himself. 

 we made sure to remember to bring bar and snack items since the closest store is quite a hike away.

 we took went on a hike around a lake in beartown state forest. unfortunately we didn't see any actual real bears, just our own mozzie bear.

 i could get used to waking up to this spread every morning.
with this view. 

and they even have their own chocolate lab. moz wouldn't have been this well behaved, so he didn't get to go to breakfast. 

lunch at the southfield store is also always a treat. 

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