Thursday, June 23, 2011

the barnes

will only be in in the space where it was meant to spend it's eternity for another week, so get there if you can!! i finally went on tuesday and the place is magical. it's right outside of philly and is housed in a gorgeous building, built by albert barnes for his collection. if you've seen the art of the steal of have been following this mess, you know that the barnes foundation is moving the collection, which is in direct opposition to the will of albert barnes. there are a lot of details involved, but the bottom line is go see it while you can in the place the art was meant to be viewed! inside photography is not allowed, but here are some shots of the museum and gardens surrounding it.

the collection includes 181 Renoirs, 69 C├ęzannes, 60 Matisses, 44 Picassos, and 14 Modiglianis, among other paintings by Van Gogh, Degas and countless others. it's a wonderful place and will certainly not be the same once it's in that modern monstrosity on the parkway.

barnes foundation website here where you can see the collection and make reservations (if there are any left) to see it in person.

this was our favorite. the postman by van gogh

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melassey said...

can't believe i will never see this.... so sad!!