Wednesday, August 25, 2010

st. john: the food

we ate lots of great food in st. john. although, i was surprised that there wasn't more local food. i guess when your island is that small, it's hard.

first up, fish taco's at the tourist trap. this place was adorable and had good food. we got fish tacos and a lobster roll.

oh and presidente beer.

surf and turf at spyglass, which had a great view of the sunset.

and some local cuisine at windy level. the chicken curry was delicious and the cabbage side was even better. i don't have pics of the food we ate at a food truck before this. it wasn't very good at all, and then i slid down their steep driveway on the way to the car and cut up my leg and hurt my finger. it sucked :-( my finger actually still hurts. but the kid watching got a kick out of it.

and some caribbean lobster at morgan's mango. i thought I was splurging on this, but then my parents picked up the check and i felt really guilty. :-)

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