Tuesday, April 6, 2010

fun times

thursday we went to see nada surf, who we love and they were great.

friday we went to first friday. the (first) friday of every month all of the art galleries in philadelphia stay open late. the weather was perfect so we took the train and walked around the city for a bit. i acted like a tourist and took some pics.

the chemical heritage foundation museum was even open late, so we stopped in for a few minutes. we weren't exactly in a science-museum mood, but we took a peak to see what it was like. we will definitely have to go back when we have more time. they had a display on plastic's history and bakelite!!

we also found an artist that we really love, gregory prestegord at the F.A.N. gallery. i am in love with this painting and want to buy it. either this one or one he had of a view looking over the city. i love landscapes, especially of philadelphia. if i was a real artist this is exactly what i would paint. his paintings really capture the grit of the city that is part of it's charm.

we also went to one gallery that had a huge collection of george nakashima furniture. his work is out of this world amazing. i loved this hanging cabinet, it was really long and awesome, but let's just say that is cost more than our house! actually let's not just say that, because it blows my mind. it was $250,000... his workshop is still open in new hope, which is not too far from us in beautiful bucks county. i really need to get out there and take a tour.

if you haven't been here (or even if you have) you should take a trip to philly. it's such a great city and a fun place to spend a few days.

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morgan said...

the nakashima workshop is awesome - go! there is also a nakashima room at the michener museum in doylestown designed by his daughter, mira. she runs the workshop now, too. told us lots of fascinating stories.