Friday, March 12, 2010

bag lady

i love handbags. but not "trendy" ones like louis vuitton, coach, etc... i love handmade bags!
first up is madebyhank, who makes the most gorgeous bags. i have not one, but three of her bags, although one of them doesn't count, because moz ate it. she doesn't have any in her shop right now, but this was my favorite of her more recent bags.

and as you can see it inspired this mustard doily pillow i made.

her bags (the big ones) are incredibly hard to get, because they sell out pretty much as soon as she lists them. the only reason i got my big one (which i must take a pic of, as soon as i figure out how to clean it), is because i have an iphone and an internet addiction.
this next bag i love and it's from niesz vintage fabric and you can find it here. i really love the vintage fabric!

and this one is made (in my favorite city amsterdam) from leather scraps from spectacle ala maison, find it here.

who are your favorite bag makers?


stephanie said...

i love the last one with the scraps. they are like little scales. SO COOL!

Brandi said...

Fantastic finds! I love the first two -- they have that perfect vintage feel to them.

My Owl Barn said...

Love them all! My favorite is the last one.