Monday, June 8, 2009

diy 5th anniversary present

i was walking around michael's (a craft store), trying to figure out what to make dave for our 5 year anniversary when i saw the components to make a clock out of a slice of wood. perfect. so i bought them and got home and realized that i had the wrong size of clock parts, it has to be specific to the thickness of the wood. dummy! however a good thing came of it when i thought of a great idea for the clock. i was just going to leave it blank, but given more thought, i decided to burn a 5 into it.

diy wooden clock

slice of tree
clock parts (make sure it has the correct length, thickness of the wood)
pencil (i used a yellow colored pencil)
wood burning kit
wine (optional)

1) find the spot that you would like the clock parts to go and drill a hole in the wood the size of the clock components. i centered mine and the drill bit was a little small, so i just kept working it to make the whole bigger.

2) follow the directions on the clock parts to insert into hole.

3) determine where you want your 5 (or whatever you choose to burn into the wood)and mark it lightly with a pencil. you could also use tracing paper and a pattern.

4)you should first practice using the wood burning tool on some scrap wood, as it takes some practice. i practiced on the back side, since i was running short on time! then, when you feel confident, go for it and burn your image on the front of the clock. make sure you are using the correct tool. i wasn't at first, as you can see the back sucks. the rounded end tip worked much better!

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Cara said...

Saw your comment on the d*s post on leather anniversary gifts, and my 5th year anniversary is coming up next June (I love planning ahead :D) I love this idea! I had already bought one of those beautiful wooden albums, but this clock -- love it! Good thing I have so long to figure out how to do this...