Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the BEST flea market

last weekend i went to my favorite flea market, williams grove. growing up i used to go to the silver springs flea market, but a few years ago it was demolished to make way for, what else, more shopping centers. luckily williams grove opened shortly after it closed and what a fantastic place. i forgot my camera, but have pictures from when i went last summer. for many, many years it was an amusement park and every summer we would have family picnics there. it was so much fun. my favorite was the fun house and of course the music express which squished you to one side of the car while going in circles and blaring rock music. what more could you ask for.

so not only is this place full of amazing things to buy, but it is surrounded by the remaining rides i remember and buildings where i would see magic shows. i'm not sure how when it originally opened, but my dad also has fond memories of the place when he would go as a child on 5 cent day with his parents and 9 siblings.

here are some things that i got: vintage plates, because you know i just don't have enough plates ;-), a belt to go with the owl belt buckle i picked up at a yard sale the other month.....

bakelite bracelets and old drawer pulls

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