Saturday, June 27, 2009

and our garden

this year our back yard is actually looking pretty good i think. it's usually full of dirt/mud patches, but this year the yard is green (i'm sure most of it is weeds, but who cares) and the gardens are happy. next year i hope to make a raised bed to plant veggies in, but the only spot of the yard that gets (hopefully enough) sun is right off the patio. i really want to at least try to grow my own veggies! i have a bit of a black thumb, but i try. this year nature has been helping me and it's been raining pretty much every day.

so right now we have some herbs on the deck, which are wonderful to have.

and the flowers beds are in full force.

here are a bunch of daylillies, which are now blossoming in all of their orange glory.

and the other side...

and our little sofa area, which we don't use often enough. it is great at night with the lights lit and the fire going for smores. we need to use this more often!

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