Monday, January 5, 2009

two thousand and nine

we thoroughly enjoyed having a lot of days off this year for the holiday season. although we didn't have to work, we ended up being ridiculously busy so i didn't get as much done as i thought i would. but that is what all of 2009 is for, catching up.

our holidays were full of eating...

(steve's prince of steaks in NE philly, i still think jim's is better)

(one of the many courses to our seven fishes dinner)


and family...

(at my parents house)

(and my in-laws house)

(and partying on two street with brian and morgan)

and friends...

("the jenns" my old roommates)

(jenn and lorraine)

(jason and maggie)

(ericka, me and lorraine)

oh and lots of driving...

(dave with boathouse row in the background)

(the sky while driving, 1/2 was pink and 1/2 was purple/blue, this is where the two colors met)

and mummers...

(if you don't know what mummers are you are missing out. imagine a day-long parade full of (mostly) men in sequinced and feathered outfits, drunk as hell, and the whole city becomes one big party.)

here's to 2009! this bud's for you.

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