Wednesday, December 3, 2008

recycled wrapping paper and card

do you have any paper bags laying around that are headed for the trash? well put them to use when wrapping gifts for the holidays.
start with a paper bag:

cut off the bottom and down a side to make a sheet of paper. wrap up the present.

add some ribbon. this was leftover from a present i received previously.

you can use some scrap fabric to make a cute card to go with it. either hand embroider or stitch on words for the occasion.

pin to paper then use sewing machine or hand stitch onto paper or card stock. this is a set of paper that made from left over maps.

the end product looked a little wonky, so i added a button from my stash that belonged to my grandma.

and the finished product

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ROXY MARJ said...

SO CUTE! I would totally wear that as a patch! ;^)