Sunday, December 14, 2008

deck the halls

this weekend i finally decorated the house for christmas! is it just me, or is december flying by at a record pace? i have done zero christmas shopping! actually, that is a lie, i have one gift half way done for a couple.

we decided that this year we wouldn't get the usual big (relative to our little house), fresh cut christmas tree. there were lots of reasons, 1) i just got a great gateleg table from craigslist and it's for the only spot in the house that the tree would go, 2) our house is small and the tree looks exactly the same every year (the skinniest one we can find), 3) i always feel sad about throwing out the tree at the end of the season and 4) dave is bringing his pet lizard home during christmas break and the only place he will really fit is on top of the new table. we were going to skip a tree all together, but then we were at trader joe's and i spotted this tiny little beauty. it is perfect and we can plant it after the season ends.

the table was also used for drinks at our holiday party.

one of the best things about forgoing the tree was that i still got to use all of my ornaments in creative new ways. the star i used on the little tree is actually an ornament.

the tree topper from previous years was placed on a shelf in the built-in bookcase. glass ornaments were placed in glass bowls and vases.

some of the glass ball ornaments were strung on ribbon and hung from the bookcase as well.

my favorite ornament is a little frame that says 2004, the year we were married.

and another favorite, a wire tree from smith and hawkin. my mom bought it for me a few years ago.

i hope everyone enjoys the holidays! moz sure is. he is doing really well with the recovery from his surgery.


Alyssa said...

I love that wire tree. Makes me want to find one for next year...Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas. We need to figure out a time for sure. Will Sunday night work or Monday night? I still need to figure it out with my mom-if she will ever call me!!! She's been too busy getting ready for us to come! Anyway, we will miss Michael, which is a bummer, but at least we'll get to see you guys.

Anonymous said...

Came to your blog via Eddie Ross. What a fabulous blog!

April said...

Your Xmas decor is lovely! We bought a tiny potted tree last year...this year it has grown up enough to see that it is actually 5 even tinier trees. Yay!