Wednesday, October 15, 2008

apple festival

every year my family goes to the national apple harvest festival in-the-middle-of-nowhere pennsylvania, i mean ardentsville. we didn't even have cell service it's so out there. but it is amazingly beautiful, especially with the leaves beginning to change colors. adams county has to be one of the most beautiful counties in pa. here is my dad (and rad niece) telling us that he is going to take the back way (the back way to the back way) to get there so we wouldn't have to wait in the traffic. (note to dad: i wish you would wear a helmet)
on they way we drove through an area where trees with yellow and green leaves were framing the road, it was beautiful.

corner of winesap and cider press junction in the festival.

as you can guess the festival is centered around apples, actually for miles and miles around there are apple orchards. it's like the napa valley of apples, if only they made wine!

and here is where we got our pumpkins, a little house that sells fruit, veggies and plants in lewisberry.

they had some really awesome pumpkins. and this is the same road that hours earlier we were pulled over by a cop, i was speeding. whoops! after driving on the turnpike for a couple hours you forget that you can't drive that fast everywhere. i was lucky though and he only gave me a warning. that never happens to me. he must have been threatened by moz in the car who was growling and barking at him. haha. sorry cop!


Amber said...

Dude. Your dad is seriously the best.

brandeye said...

yes he is. #1 dad.