Thursday, March 4, 2010

diy quilted coasters

i have been trying to think of some smaller things i could make for the shop that are faster to make than say... a quilt. i got the i love patchwork book for christmas and found a perfect thing, coasters. the instructions are for a specific pattern in the book, but here is my summary of how to make them:

DIY quilted coasters

-batting or felt
-fabric for the top (i used the leftovers from this quilt)
-8" square piece of fabric for the backs
-sewing machine
-needle and thread
-scissors and/or rotary cutter


1) cut out four squares of batting or felt into 4" squares, so the coasters were about 3 1/2" when finished. (cut everything larger if you would like larger coasters)
2) piece together enough strips of fabric to make one large piece that is 8" square. I used strips of fabric, but you can make it into any design you'd like, squares, strips, etc... iron your seams flat and cut edges so that it is 8" square.

3) cut the 8" top piece into four 4" squares. and cut the backing fabric into four 4" squares.

4) layer the three pieces in this order: batting, top piece right side up, backing fabric right side down. pin together.

5) using a small seam allowance (1/4" or less), sew along the edges of the coasters, leaving a 2" opening to turn the inside out.

6) clip the corners just to before the sew line to reduce the bulk and turn the coasters inside out.
7) iron the gaps closed then sew shut with a needle and thread, using a slip stitch.
8) add quilting as desired. i was just messing around so i made them all different.

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Brandi said...

All kinds of awesome, B. I can't get over all the cool things you do.