Friday, March 5, 2010

two hundred

it's amazing i've had that much to say, but this is my 200th post. how exciting. also exciting is that my friend melissa from melilssa hassey photography took some photos of me for something that i have yet to tell you about. it's not 100% set yet, so you will just have to wait to find out. in the meantime here's a pic she took. you can also find more on her blog. i'm only posting one, because, well it's just weird to post a bunch of pics of yourself. it reminds me of someone i used to work with that had a picture of herself on her desk, just herself, no one else was in the picture.

next time i get my picture taken professionally i'm hiring someone to do my make-up and hair, because as you can see they are two things that i could use some serious help with!

she also took lots of awesome shots of things around my craft room.


stephanie said...

oh brandi i think you look lovely in your picture! :) i can't wait to read about your secret...

morgan said...

i just read this and laughed out loud about the co-worker with a self portrait. that is awesome.