Monday, July 18, 2016

brand*eye pop up shop

Hey friends! I am having a pop up shop, brand*eye home sale at my house July 31, 2016. Contact me at brandeyehome {at} gmail {dot} com to get the address.

There will also be pottery for sale from Marilyn McCauley and art for sale from Jason Koons.

We will also be grilling and the keg will be full, so stop by to chill and say hello.

Hope to see you there!

Hope Lodge Fort Washington PA

There is a magnificent old historic home in our town that we finally made it to on Sunday. It was built in the 1740s and is full of history and amazing details.

The gardens:

And the front of the home.

This shade of yellow was magnificent. The lighting wasn't the greatest, so I apologize for that. It just means you should go see it in person.

And this blue! Can you believe that these yellow and blue colors are historically accurate? They were not afraid of color or trim in the 1800s.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

flower csa

By now, I am sure that you have most likely heard of a CSA, which stands for community sponsored agriculture. Typically they are for farms and you can pay to get a variety of veggies over the season. But did you know they have them for flowers too? Yes, it's true. The one I signed up for is at Love 'n Fresh Flowers, which is a flower farm in Philadelphia.

I signed up for the bucket share, which you see below. You can also choose to get an arrangement already made, but by now you should know how much I love to arrange flowers.

The first arrangement I made was in this awesome pottery bowl. And, ahem, it's for sale in the brand*eye shop! As instructed by me before, you want to start with making a base for the flowers. I used the filler that was included to give a foundation for the flowers to sit in. Then I added the blue flowers and yellow flowers. I wish I knew the names of them for you, but unfortunately I do not.

And this vase set is also for sale in the brand*eye home shop!

Monday, May 30, 2016

a walk around the garden

Here are some snippets of our yard.

The chairs above are a couple years old from home goods. One was black and one was orange, and now they are a matching set, thanks to some spray paint.

I can't wait for the climbing flowers to take off.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

$500 Master Bedroom Makeover

It's unbelievable that this bedroom was completely transformed for $500. Click here to see the before.

There are two key points to keep in mind when decorating your home.

#1: Know where to spend the money
#2:  Don't underestimate yard sales/flea markets/estate sales/craigslist

We actually didn't have a strict budget in mind when we started. Our goal was to spend as little as possible. When we tallied up the costs, it came out to just under $500!

Here's what we bought:
Grand Total: $497

Here is the sea urchin wall art that Angi found at Target. It worked perfectly to fill the wall to the right of the window. It also brought in a more modern feel to the room. We wanted to make sure that the room wasn't too Grandma, so this added some edge.

The painting over the fireplace I picked up at a yard sale on the way to her house, for $5. You always have to be on the look out! Craigslist is a great source for finding yard sales in your area.

We initially were going to buy new gold pulls for the dresser, which were silver. But a $3 can of spray paint was much more affordable!

And the end result I think is stunning. 

My sister had some great pieces to start with.

  • A bed with a dramatic headboard
  • An Ethan Allen Dresser
  • An Ethan Allen side table that we moved from another room
  • A chair that we moved from another room
  • And this super cute dog, Louie

Another tip is to not forget about items you may have in other rooms in your home. We moved the side table and zebra print chair from her formal living room. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

A Master Bedroom Makeover

For the past year I have been testing the waters of interior design by using my friends as guinea pigs. I've helped choose paint colors, given advice on space planning and what to buy, as well as taken lots of flea market trips with friends.

I worked with my sister Angela to design and re-decorate her master bedroom and I finally have a fully furnished room to show you! We have been exchanging pins on pinterest, using etsy favorites, texting photos and using all available resources that we could find. And all of the ideas we had and decisions we made turned into one seriously amazing bedroom.

She already had the headboard, dresser, lamps, chandelier, and side table. The chair we stole from her formal living room.

We used Sherwin Williams Black Fox on the main focal point wall behind the bed. It's a perfect dark grey color, with some warm undertones to keep it from being too cold. The other three walls are Sherwin Williams Anonymous. This is a great neutral color which works with so many different colors. You can also see a peak into the master bath that we are working on, where we used Sherwin Williams sensuous grey.

During the planning process we thought about wall papering the main wall where the bed is placed.  But to stay in budget we decided against it and just painted the wall instead. The zebra patterned chair we moved was actually inspired by the wallpaper we were going to use.

It's actually crazy seeing this picture now, because it was the first time I started planning this room and it actually turned out to be so similar! I took this picture in Sherwin Williams in Flourtown. I ended up there, because I had a flat tire. And I had a flat tire, because I dropped my phone (which was acting as my gps). I was making a turn and nailed a curb. Lucky for me the store was right across from the tire place, so I spent the time looking at Wallpaper books and paint. York Wallcoverings is my favorite, because it's from my hometown, York, PA.

Above is an art piece that I picked up that morning at a Ft. Washington yard sale for $5. And below is my sister's dog Louie. I think she approves.


Just to give you an idea of what we spent, that mirror was $8 at an estate sale. Yes, you read that correctly... eight dollars!

It helped that she already had some key pieces,  but the total cost (including a fire place!) was only $500! It doesn't look like this bedroom had a budget, but it did. There are some additional updates that will be made when the time and budget permits. For example, we found the perfect light fixture for the room, but it cost as much as the whole damn room, so that will have to wait. 

And here's the before. 

What a difference! Stay tuned for a break down of all the costs. 

Monday, May 9, 2016


I started some morning glory and moon flower seeds a few weeks ago. It  helps if you first soak them overnight to jump start the growing. 

I then planted them in some potting mix.

 This was about a week later, the morning glory seeds took off quickly.

And here they are a couple of weeks later. I also bought some brussel sprout plants, which I am planning to plant in a new raised planter that Dave made me. I just have to get some dirt to fill it. I also plan to attempt to grow tomatoes, swiss chard and lots of herbs.

The next step is to harden them off by taking them outside to get acclimated. You take them outside for a few hours a day, and then build up over about a week to them being outside completely.

What are you planting this spring? 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

If you're looking for a very easy, but impressive easter egg project, this is it! I have to give credit to the infamous Martha Stewart Show, which is where I learned this technique.


  • Patterned Silk. I used silk scarves, but you could use any silk fabric (ties, scarves, shirts)
  • Raw eggs (they will cook while they are being dyed)
  • White cotton
  • Twist ties or rubber bands or string
  • Non reactive (glass or enamel pot) although I don't have either of these so used metal and it works
  • White vinegar and water


Cut your silk into squares that will fit around the eggs. Also cut the white cloth to the same size. You can eyeball all of this, it does not need to be exact.

Wrap each egg in the silk and tie with a twist tie, rubber band or anything that will tie it tight (I used baking twine). The tighter you tie it, the more pattern you will have.

Wrap each silk covered egg in white cotton. I used an old t-shirt that had seen better days. The layer of cotton helps to keep the dye in place.

Place the eggs in your pot and fill with water so that they are covered. Add approximately 3 tablespoons of white vinegar to the water and bring to a boil.

Bring to a boil, then simmer for 20 minutes.

Remove the eggs from the water and let them cool. Unwrap each egg and see your work of art.

Each one will be unique. An optional step is to add a little bit of vegetable oil to a paper towel to wipe each egg to make it shine.

You can also paint or use markers on the eggs after they are dry. I added some green marker to the one on the bottom to add some extra interest. I should also add that you can save the used silk to use again. The purple pieces were previously used a few years ago for the same project and still came out great!

What's your favorite way to dye eggs?